New Site, New Beginnings for Our Surfboard Company

Hello, We’re Brawner Boards, a Surfboard Company.

This is our new site and you might ask, “Who Exactly is Brawner? Well, our family at Brawner Boards has a rich history in the SoCal surf culture.  In short, we’ve been around longer than you might think. Danny Brawner, the family’s legendary patriarch, was born and raised in Orange County’s beaches, building his first board in 1952. Soon after, drafted by Hobie Alter to serve as the lynchpin craftsman for Hobie’s new Dana Point factory. You should also remember Danny as the drummer for the legendary band ‘The Sandells’’. If you need a hint, re-watch the endless summer.

Today Danny’s Son Damian is himself a highly-respected surfboard and SUP builder, having grown up in dads shop along with Timmy Patterson, Josh Martin and other top contemporaries. As a result Damian now runs the show at Brawner boards and has fashioned the Brawner Brand into his own contemporary surfboard company.

As you can see, our history runs deep in the sport of surfing and we know what we’re doing. We’re not pretending to be anything other than a good old fashioned surf shop. You won’t find us selling industry surf labels in bulk. We’re not trying to be trendy. Therefore, we hope the result will be a concerted effort to build the best boards possible for you surfing needs. After all,  we’ve been at it for 65+ years.

Come see our shop in San Clemente or make an appointment to see our show room in Laguna Beach today.

More information about the Brawner Boards Surfboard Company.

Brawner Surfboards

Huntington Beach sometime in the 1950’s