Brawner Boards Surfboard & SUP Line-Up for 2018

See Our Surfboard & SUP Line-Up for 2018

We’ve launched a new dedicated board line-up page for 2018 and will be adding several more designs throughout the course of the year. In large part these designs are a testament to what Brawner Boards is all about. Fundamentals. We know what works and what doesn’t. We love both classic and progressive surfboard design.  However, we know that in order to get to the later we need to build on solid design essentials.

Our line-up for 2018 features one of the best dream quivers one could ever ask for.  Sometimes you just want to mellow out with that classic feel of a San “O” Nose Rider or perhaps you’re in the mood to charge some solid waves at Lowers on a fined tuned  “High Performer“.  We’ve also got a new gem called the “The Mojo,” which handles just about any size wave you throw at it.  And nobody can deny the feel of a short single fin like the “Tripster” or our “70’s / Retro” throwback model.  Single fins will always rule.  Finally, don’t forget to check out Stand-Up Paddle Boards.  We’ve put a ton of focus in our performance & race SUP’s over the last few years and it’s been paying off with wins at the finish line.

Keep in mind, Brawner Boards is all about the customs.  If you have a concept or an idea then we can design a board custom just for you. we can also tweak one of our templates to fit your needs.  We’ll will strive to build you that perfect board. Oh, by the way, did we mention the “Rotten Egg“?  Don’t be fooled by the name, it’s got nothing but sweet rides waiting for you.

Come see our shop in San Clemente or Laguna Beach to see these designs and more.

More information about the Brawner Boards Surfboard Company. Check us out on Instagram too.

The Tripster Surfboard
The Tripster


The High Performer SurfboardThe High Performer