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  • Brawner Boards Surfboard & SUP Line-Up for 2018

    We’ve launched a new dedicated board line-up page for 2018 and will be adding several more designs throughout the course of the year. In large part these designs are a testament to what Brawner Boards is all about. Fundamentals. We know what works and what doesn’t. We love both classic and progressive surfboard design.  However, we know that in order to get to the later we need to build on solid design essentials.

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  • Erika Benitez ISA 2017 Erika Benitez Ranks 9th Overall! ISA World SUP Championships – Denmark 2017

    This year our very own, Erika Benitez, flew into Denmark to compete in the ISA World SUP and Paddleboard Championships of 2017. Competing against all other top-ranking athletes from around the globe, such as Anabel Anderson and Fiona Wylde, these races were no easy feat.  Erika's athleticism and dedication to the sport continues to shine through in [...] Continue Reading
  • Brawner Classic Erika Benitez Team Rider Erika Benitez Preparing for ISA World Championships

    Below is a great article from TotalSUP on Erika Benitez preparing for the ISA World SUP Championship races. At 16 years old, Erika Benitez who trains in Southern California, is a young prodigy who has already won 3 Mexican national titles. The teenager, who is a potential future star 0f  SUP Racing, introduces herself and [...] Continue Reading
  • Brawner Surfboards New Site, New Beginnings for Our Surfboard Company

    Hello, We're Brawner Boards, a Surfboard Company. This is our new site and you might ask, "Who Exactly is Brawner? Well, our family at Brawner Boards has a rich history in the SoCal surf culture.  In short, we've been around longer than you might think. Danny Brawner, the family’s legendary patriarch, was born and raised in [...] Continue Reading