Erika Benitez

Erika Benitez closeup

Erika Benitez is a hard charging SUP racing beast in the water, with quite a wrap sheet of taking down her opponents.  She has multiple first-place titles that include the Pacific Paddle Games 2015 Pacific Paddle Games (PPG), Two National Championships in the Elite Woman Division for Team Mexico 2015/2016/2017 HanoHano Huki Race Elite Women Divison, most recently, PPG 2017 and many more. Ranking 9th place overall in the ISA World Championships, its’s safe to say she’s killing it in the SUP world.   She doesn’t just leave her SUP on the race track, she also puts it in the break as well.  Besides her weekly training in Dana Point, you can find her SUP surfing in Bolsa Chica & Long Beach if she hasn’t already jetted down to Mexico for the Summer.

Enough from us, we’ll let her tell you how awesome she is. “Stand-up-paddle is a very unique sport regarding the amount of activities you are capable of doing with it.  That’s why I’m so intrigued by it. You just need a paddle and a board to surf your favorite break, paddle in a lake or river, enjoy a downwinder, etc. But the most important feeling is the pure connection with the ocean and mother nature.”