Shuri Araki

Shuri Araki head shot

Shuri Araki, also known as Shurimpy, has already spent more years of his life in the waters of Japan than out of the water.   Not only does this kid love paddling but he is a natural-born competitor.  At the young age of 4, his father started taking him out onto the front of his board either to paddle or surf together in their local breaks in Okinawa.  For more than half of his childhood he has innately been developing the essential skills to take on the art of surf and SUP to a competitive level.

It should come as no surprise that his father, Taku, happens to be a master waterman.  While some water enthusiasts hope to one day accomplish the crossing of the Molokai channel, Shuri’s dad has already made that treck thirty-three times. Whether by SUP, canoe, surfski, or prone, Taku has completed it.  Shuri, of course, has started to follow along in his father’s sandals, in developing a love of the ocean while  honing in on that competitive element. Unsurprisingly, he has been taking on the waters of Japan by storm, not only winning within his age division but giving older competitors a run for their money as well. What you see in him is the formation of a true waterman in the making.

However, as much of an athlete Shurimpy is, he still enjoys being an ordinary kid.  He loves to participate in just about any type of sport.  While gravitating to running, fishing, and being an avid tree climber, he is very active and adventurous. Shuri and his family live in the beautiful countryside of Japan, near gorgeous beaches which allow for lots organic play, training and fishing. Shuri is sprouting up quickly in the SUP realm and is one kid to keep an eye out for.

Notable achievements:

  • 2017 Okinawa Carvy Cup kids class winner
  • 2017 Pacific Paddle Games Distance winner (age 11)
  • 2017 Pacific Paddle Games Technical Race winner (age 11)
  • 2015 Japan SUP National Championship winner
  • 2016 Pacific Paddle Games 6th place (age 10)
  • 2016 KANAKA Okinawa Open Ocean SUP race winner
  • 2015 Pacific Paddle Games 3rd place (age 9)


photos courtesy of ©Pacific Paddle Games