Retro Collection

The Mojo Brawner

The Mojo

The Mojo exists in the shorter & wider trend of modern small-wave hybrids with the added benefit of this little board handling those larger sets that sneak in unexpectedly, or even expectedly. Don’t be afraid to reach for The Mojo on head high waves, that round tail will handle it. We like this board two to four inches shorter than your height with the same volume as your standard short board.

The Mojo.

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The High Performer

High Performer

In working with our team riders, the Performer was developed as our go-to competition high performance board that just works. Round tail, squash tail, we love to customize this board according the waves you prefer to ride and how you ride them.

The Performer.

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The Rotten Egg

The Rotten Egg

Let’s face it, at the end of the day you just want to catch more waves and have more fun. You may even want to mix in some fun maneuvers without the feeling that you’re lugging around a long board. The Rotten Egg is that perfect weekend warrior machine.

The Rotten Egg.

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Noseboard 3 Stringer Brawner

Classic Nose Rider 3 Stringer

The only thing better than a classic nose rider is a three stringer nose rider. Built from our proven outline, the Brawner longboard is as classic as it gets. We’ve been shaping our San Onofre style log since forever with love and dedication to excellence, design, and workmanship. Classic never dies.

The Classic Nose Rider 3 Stringer.

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Noseboard Brawner

Classic Nose Rider Log

Our Motto is “Classic Never Dies” as evidenced in the fact that year after year, surfers of every age know there’s something special about the classic San “O” longboard. Our nose rider classic is a proven board based on Mr. Brawner’s decades of surfboard building knowledge ever since he glassed for Hobie Alter.

The Classic Nose Rider.

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70s Retro Brawner

The 70’s/Retro

The 70’s was an interesting time of trial and error for the surf board industry. Some things worked and some things didn’t. Every once in a while, a shaper would land on an instant classic. This is our version of that classic 70’s outline that always brings it.

The 70’s Retro.

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The Tripster

The Tripster

The Tripster is a another throwback classic, single-fin speedster that’s aimed to thrill. Down the line, it will deliver large arcs and a grin on your face that you couldn’t slap off if you tried. The Tripster is a great asset to any quiver when you just want something different.

The Tripster.

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Velzy-Surfboard classic

The Velzy Classic

Mr. Brawner and Dale Velzy have a long history together and we’re proud to have a shared relationship, while utilizing Dale’s designs along with our excellent in-shop glassing. It doesn’t get any more classic than that. This board delivers a smooth, silky glide down the line that won’t disappoint.

The Velzy Classic.

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